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Afore Global Case Photography Competition

Afore released | 2020-09-02 | Click: 2992 times


Afore Global Case Photography Competition

We are looking for Afore inverters installed in all corners of the world,come share your photos and win great prizes. 

Each winner will receive an Amazon gift card worth 100/50/25 USD from Afore!


How to participate?

Step 1. You need to search and subscribe the official account of Afore on social platforms and follow:

Twitter: @Afore_Inverter

LinkedIn: Afore New Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Facebook: @AforeNewEnergyTechnology


Step 2. Upload photos with the Afore inverters installation on your social account. The photos must reflect the Afore inverters installed in the power plants and display them completely. Unclear photos will not be considered.


Step 3. On your post, please tag or @Afore (otherwise we may not see your photo) and post a short description: country, city, model, project scale.

举例 - 官网.jpg 

We will select some photos as finalists and post them on Afore's social account, allowing users to select the ranking of this competition.


How the photos will be shortlisted?

1. The photos need to show all the power plants and the installed Afore inverters.

2. Upload the number of photos as far as possible within 10.

3. The photos can only be adjusted appropriately for brightness, contrast, color saturation and composition cropping. It cannot be processed with a computer to synthesize, add, and greatly change the color.

4. Participants should have independent and complete copyrights for their works.


How to become the final winner?

We will determine the ranking of this competition in descending order according to the number of likes received by the finalists. If the number of likes is the same, the ranking will be determined around the time when the last like is obtained.

We will contact the winners through social platforms within one week after the end and give out prizes.


*Disclaimer: by sharing photos or any other material with Afore and participating in this contest, you authorize Afore to use them for marketing purposes, including posting pictures on its corporate website or any other marketing platform. The participant does not make any claim of ownership or copyright over shared pictures and holds Afore harmless from any such claims from third parties. Afore reserves the exclusive right to final judgment and interpretation of the content herein.

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