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CEO's Message

“To make a better life and better world, we believe the solar energy will enter into every family just like the tap water. To achieve this, Afore dedicating ourselves to be the top supplier of PV inverter, providing global partner with reliable product and consummate service. As a global company, we are subject to the market rule, keep innovation, focus on quality, provide satisfied service. Boost the development of PV industry, and leave our future generations a better legacy.”

Vision and Mission

Afore dedicated to low-carbon, renewable and environment-friendly PV string inverter technology research and development. We have the ingenious wish of leaving something good to our future generations. Leave the sky blue, to be one of the most valuable company of renewable energy.

About Us

Afore is a leading PV string inverter provider from China, with more than ten years dedicated experience in PV string inverter R&D and manufacturing, Afore inverters have been installed in Europe, Australia, China, Indian, Japan, North America and South America, satisfying hundreds of thousand users globally. We provide single and three-phase high-efficiency PV string inverters for a capacity of 1kW to 60kW, storage inverters and all-in-one storage products. All of our inverters are integrated with smart monitoring system. We offer not just good products, but also high-efficient local support to our partners and users throughout the inverter life span. Make sure the customers receive reliable returns by choosing Afore!

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    2010 – On September 21st, 2010 Afore was founded in Shanghai, integrated with R&D, production, quality control, logistic. And introduced in the first-generation PV string inverter product.

    Afore PV string inverter have been used in China’s first residential PV project in Shanghai. With stable performance, we received good comments.

    2012 – Afore PV string inverter was promoted by CCTV-2(China Central Television Channel 2) through TV program Dialogue.

    2013 - Afore received High-Tech Company Reward by Shanghai Government. In the same year, Afore becomes a member of Shanghai Solar Energy Society and Renewable Energy Society Photovoltaic Association.

    2014 - Afore annual capacity reach 1GW and continued to expand. Shipping amount continuous growing in Europe, Asia, Australia and other markets. Market share has increased to more than 10% in some markets.

    2015 – First light-weighted design three-phase PV string inverter 10kW and 30kW. Afore has pioneered the promotion of lightest three-phase PV string inverter of 10KW and 30KW. The new model leads inverter industry into light times with lower transportation and installation cost.

    2016- First high power single-phase PV string inverter (6.0kW, 7.0kW and 8.0kW). In the same year, Afore rankings “2016 Top Ten Innovative PV Inverter Brand in China” and “2016 The Most Popular Solar Inverter Manufacturers in China” and many other rewards.

    2017-Afore’s new model, three-phase 50kW, 60kW PV string inverters are launched, which have the top water-proofing level IP68 fan in the industry. Support 1.2 times power input overload and 1.1 times output capacity. In the same year, Afore rankings “ 2017 The Favorite Brand of PV Dealers”and “2017 Top 10 Residential PV Inverter Brand in China”.

    2018 - Afore’s new model, PV hybrid storage inverter series 3.0kW, 4.0kW, 4.6kW and 5.0kW are launched, which have the top water-proofing level IP65 in the industry. Support multiple operation modes, offer user better return on investment.

    Storage all-in-one solution launched

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