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The Zero Injection Solution Of Afore Inverter

Afore released | 2020-07-27 | Click: 3919 times


The Zero Injection Solution Of Afore Inverter

The Zero Injection Smart Meter is an intelligent control device, which is designed for adapting to the on grid inverter. It’s function is to real-time monitor and calculate the power exported into the grid or the power direction of the grid-connected side. It will immediately control the inverter through RS485 communication to reduce the output current once find the inverter export the energy to the grid, thus can  reduce the photovoltaic system power generation, so as to achieve the photovoltaic system zero injection function.

Install the Zero Injection Smart Meter

DIN 35mm rail type installation and modular design, which has the advantages of small size, easy installation and easy networking, and is widely used in new energy self-use system.

The Smart Meter is used for monitoring the power consumption of home electricity, the inverter will activate output power limit function based on the monitoring data. 

Residential HNS series




Commercial & Power Plants BNT series




Parameters of the Zero Injection Smart Meter


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